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Deluxe ENT Treatment Unit: DUG-2141


Standard Set
  Marble Worktop
  CCD Camera System
  LED Illumination Light
  ENT Micro-scope
  Integral Spray Set
  Cold Light Source
  Heating Device
  Fibre Optic Light Source Headlight
  Suction Device
  Case Management Syatem
  Ventilation Device
  Cordless Headlight
  Gauze Can
  Instrument Tray
  Waste Receptacle
  Power Source
  AC 220V, 50Hz
  Power Consumption
  Air Compressor
  Max. Air pressure 0.20MPa
  Suction Motor
  Max. Negative pressure 0.07MPa
  Net Weight
Standard Accessories
  Marble upper cover
  Illumination device
  Spray gun: 3EA
  Suction device
  Anti-fog device
  Main suction bottle: 2500ml
  Sub-suction bottle: 250ml
  Instrument tray with cover
  Gauze container with cover: 6EA
# Long life
# The pump mount with the powerful sucking strength、low noise and without needs of oil change of the suction pump is adopted.
# Ergonomic and new concept of design in consideration of the convenience of treatment.
# Easy checking on the spray、suction and vent operation through the indicating lamp.
# Automatic cut off function is activated when there is any abnormal electric current in each device.
# As using Japanese spray of good quality, breakdown is low

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